DS Site Management, LLC

Stormwater Clarification:

The reduction and treatment of stormwater run-off to down stream wetlands and watercourses are facing project managers. Proper BMPs, even when implemented in accordance to the plan are not enough and most times will fail in large storm events.

Site specific anionic polyacrylamide flocculants can control the sediment and suspended solids. The flocculent aids in the suspended soils to aggregate into large particles that than can be removed by settling or filtration. Polymers can be very effective in controlling the water quality by reducing the erosion and sediment that occurs on construction sites.

Polymers aren’t only for construction sites, if you have a pond that has phosphate issues, polymers can also clarify existing pond problems.

DS Site Management, LLC can give your company support in supplying and installing polymer systems for sites that are experiencing stormwater run-off, dewatering issues or basic water quality clarification.

Please visit www.siltstop.com for more information on polymer products that are available.