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Erosion Control:

When the natural vegetative cover is stripped, soil surface is directly exposed to raindrop impact and splash erosion. Soil loss and erosion rate can become extensive, such as in sheet erosion, rill erosion, gully erosion and channel erosion. Several factors are considered in the rate of erosion: climate, soil characteristics, topography and ground cover. These are important factors to consider when designing an effective soil erosion control plan.

In order to design a proper erosion and sediment control plan, the following ten principles should be included within the plan.

1. fit development to the terrain
2. time grading and construction to minimize soil exposure
3. retain existing vegetation whenever possible
4. vegetate and mulch disturbed areas
5. divert runoff away from disturbed areas
6. minimize length and steepness of slopes
7. keep runoff velocities low
8. prepare drainageways and outlets to handle concentrated or increased runoff
9. trap sediment on site
10. inspect and maintain control measures.

DS Site Management, LLC can guide you through plan design or review of a current plan that may need modifications that will improve your BMPs during site work activities.